Joshua's SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli organizes fixed departure 2day/2nights weekend trips from Pune and Mumbai, beach camping trips and bike tours to Tarkarli with SCUBA diving as the star attraction of the trip in association with and

Joshua's SCUBA Diving organizes events in association with to Tarkarli. The event schedule will be updated here soon.

Our Friends and Partners offering SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli and Malvan

Please take a look at our friends and partners who offer SCUBA diving in Tarkarli and Malvan. We have provided direct links to their websites too here. Do visit their websites and take a look. As far as tariffs are concerned few of them charge more than us and a few charge less than us!! Our guests need to pre book their dives and if our slots get filled we still get the dives done with our friends & partners who do the dives as per our specifications.

Head Bubble SCUBA diving

Dive Sarjekot

Dandeshwar Diving

Our Unique Special offering

Apart from SCUBA in Tarkarli and Malvan and water sports & parasailing we have a unique boating trip that we offer. We give you a chance to try your hand at deep sea fishing in a day tour of boating in which we take you to the light house island a few nautical miles in the sea. We also barbecue the fish that YOU catch in the boat 'fishermen style' and give them to you!

Take a look at the 'Packages & Tariffs' page for more details